A native Texan from San Angelo, Davis Cornell is carving a name for himself in the world of fine art with his exceptional work in stone, wood and metal. Davis’ intricate style of capturing organic natural images in stone and wood continues to evolve, as word spreads of his unique talent and passion for art.  

“I’ve been influenced by great architects and engineers and also by nature and its beauty, spending much time observing my natural environment. I envision forms in thought and bring them to life concentrating on the aesthetic qualities of the medium and the form itself,” Davis said.

The son of a vascular surgeon, Davis graduated with a degree in studio art with an emphasis in sculpture from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas in 1999. Following graduation and an apprenticeship with Dallas stone sculptor Harold F. Clayton, Davis traveled to Europe to learn and train in Pietrasanta, Italy just north of Pisa, where Michelangelo went in search of the perfect stone.  In this tiny Mecca for carvers from around the world, Davis was able to hone his craft and develop his own personal style, working from sunrise to sunset in a small rented studio. He returned to Texas in the summer of 2000 and began working full-time as an architectural stone carver, once again with Harold Clayton.  

Today, Davis Cornell’s art may be found in fine homes and on public display throughout the Southwest. Working from his private Dallas-based workshop, La Scimmia Studios, the artist has contributed his work to a variety of public and private commissions. Art events include: Sculptors Dominion in San Antonio, Texas; “Dallas Soars” The Pegasus Project in Dallas, Texas; “Into the Woods” sculpture exhibition at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts; West Texas Rehabilitation Center fund-raising art exhibition; and “Burning Man,” along with many more honors and installations. 

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